Prayer Ministry

Germantown Methodist Church Prayer Requests
Updated February 26, 2024

This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: The hungry in our communities.

1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
2. Service personnel: Jared Albertson (Colorado), Keith Carson (Pentagon), Tina Carr (Virginia), Michael Close (California), Nick Eby (Alabama), Charles Hayes (Ohio), Carl Martin (North Carolina), Daniel Muñoz (Virginia), Zach Smith (Georgia), Syra Stahl (USS Eisenhower).
3. Our Homebound: Esther Cochran, Martha Cornn, Harold & Lucy Dursch, Geneva Forney, Grace Oblinger, Beverly Simpkins, Janice & Richard Waits, Janice Wallace, Carol Woolcock
4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading our church.
5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and Lucy, Margaret, and Benjamin Cline.
6. Members of our church with cancer: Dan Burns, Donna Cline, Patti Hayes, Beverly Simpkins, Jerry Steinmetz, JoAnn Weaver.
7. Those dealing with addiction and their families.

February 25-March 2
8. Quilts: Lynn Owens (ovarian cancer), Nathaniel (health issues), Chuck Pollock (auto-immune disease).
9. Bill Weinel: in rehab following hip replacement surgery 2/14.
10. Phil Showalter: in hospital following brain surgery after a fall.
11. Judie Showalter: under Hospice care.
12. Patti Hayes: last chemo treatment.
13. Carol Kalmbach: bronchitis.
14. Jeff Stiver: testing.
15. Askins’ granddaughter Lexi: bit in the mouth by a dog.
16. Jenny Staggs: undergoing cancer treatment.
17. Donna Galden’s brother Dean Wigger.
18. The ministry of Hope House.
19. Cindy Milliken: heart issues.
20. Rhonda Flory: skin cancer.
21. Adam: surgery.
22. Ronny: heart and breathing issues.
23. Travel mercies.
24. Kent Bowser: testing.
25. Laura Roberts: nerve damage.
26. Conrad Roberts: surgery.
27. Diana Combs: heart issues.
28. Jerry: Stage 4 lung cancer, under Hospice care.
29. Nancy Stapleton: memory and health issues.

February 18-24
30. Quilt: Darryl Friend (health issues).
31. Sharon Coomer: slight stroke.
32. Beverly Simpkins: was in the hospital.
33. Nathaniel: In U.C. West Chester burn unit.
34. A brother who has pancreatic cancer, sister has leukemia.
35. Lynn Owens: ovarian cancer.
36. Gareld Emrick: in VA with pneumonia.
37. Two-year-old who is severely ill.
38. Praise: Donnie Hatten’s colon biopsy came back negative.
39. Dr. Purcheril’s wife: diagnosed with breast cancer.
40. 32-year-old diagnosed with breast cancer.
41. Shannon Tudor: breast cancer, double mastectomy 3/27.
42. Clara Bach: serious health issues.

February 11-17
43. Quilts: Jo Nell Earley (lost her husband). Judie Showalter (health issues), John Diver (lung cancer).
44. Gene Wright: at home recovering following 2 open heart surgeries.
45. John Witherspoon: recovering from hip replacement surgery.
46. David Shade: pathology showed some cancer cells in the place they removed from his tongue.
47. Rhonda Roberts: health issues.
48. Ryan Roberts: testing.
49. Melody West: drug addiction.
50. Tricia: stage 4 breast cancer.
51. Don Stephens: hip pain.
52. Korry Frizzell: open heart surgery due to multiple blockages.
53. Ryan Ryhardt: ICU.
54. Bonnie: in Hospice.
55. Betty LeBlanc: leg surgery 2/14.
56. For a child’s “paw paw” to help him get better.
57. Those with COVID.
58. Family and friends of Derl & Dottie McGeorge who passed away.
59. Carley’s mother: heart issues.
60. Stephanie: while in rehab for health issues, her condo caught fire.
61. Jerry Ginter: end stage cancer.
62. Tibrina Barnes: had baby, now dealing with blood clots.
63. Larry Weaver’s sister Betty: broken leg.
64. Jeff Keith: liver surgery.
65. James Adam: two-year-old with a blastoma on his eye.
66. Praise: Jeff Donson: two of three tumors show significant reduction in size.
67. Wanda Jenkins: on a ventilator.

February 5-February 11
68. Quilt: Ann Moyer (complications after hip surgery)
69. Debbie McDowell (Kathy’s cousin): hospitalized with RSV, congestive heart failure, & fluid on lungs.
70. Doris Tudor: hit in the head with surfboard in Florida.
71. Nikki Stocker: mother with critical health issues.
72. Deb Millat: entire family fighting illness.
73. Vicki Taylor: fighting pain issues.
74. Kent Genslinger: immobility issues.
75. Family and Friends of Shirley Freese (Wilda’s Aunt).
76. Lynn Owens: biopsy on Thursday; waiting on results.
77. Taylor & Kelsey White: baby due on Friday.
78. Lori Quillen: surgery went well. Second surgery this week.
79. Russ (husband of Lori’s nurse): surgery on sinus cancer; waiting on results.
80. Grant Quillen: continued prayers for wellness.
81. Luke Quillen: career change.
82. Gret & Harriet: health issues.
83. Lisa: lost a baby.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)