Prayer Ministry

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests

Updated November 19, 2018


This Week’s Church Prayer Focus:  Families as they gather for Thanksgiving, and for those who have no family to share the day.



  1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
  2. Service personnel: Keith Carson (Oklahoma), Jay & Tina Carr (Virginia), Nick Eby (Idaho), Carl Martin (Parris Island), Daniel Murdoch (USS Truman), Max Phillips (South Korea), Zach Smith (Fort Benning), Rich Weinel (Ohio).
  3. Our Homebound: Mary Clark, Al Grise, Nelson Hinkle, Joan Lansaw, Mary Francis Meadows, Edna Mefford, Grace Oblinger, Margaret Smith, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Barb Watkins, Richard Woolcock.
  4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC.
  5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura and little Lucy Cline.
  6. The ministry of St. Paul United Methodist Church and our Covenant Partnership.
  7. Those dealing with addiction, families and the Valley View Drug Free Community Coalition movement.
  8. The United Methodist Church, our Bishop Gregory Palmer, and our District Superintendent Jocelyn Roper.


November 11-17

  1. Quilt: Rose Marie Stouffler (auto-immune disease).
  2. Lareen Bowman: in Kettering Hospital with TTP, a rare blood disorder.
  3. Melody Herbst: Breast Cancer surgery went well, no lymph node involvement.
  4. Eric Tucker: skin graffs holding, but the heart ablation did not work.
  5. Joan Lee: recovering from a car accident.
  6. Ian Hamilton: 3 wisdom teeth removed.
  7. Karen Scott.
  8. Rhonda Dennis.
  9. Charlie Weaver’s wife passed away.
  10. Sage McCluskey: seizure.
  11. Laura: infertility issues.
  12. Vicky Cook’s cousin: in the hospital.
  13. Lilly: dealing with difficulties.
  14. Sandy Williams: cancer.
  15. Marj Anslow has a new great grandson.
  16. Charles & Kelsey Heistand and their new marriage.
  17. Valley View children.
  18. Valley View teacher who has a special needs child.
  19. Praise: Chris Kitchel starts a new job.
  20. Joan Carr.
  21. Breanne: issues in life.
  22. Daniele Bradley: testing.
  23. Ilene and Carl: multiple medical conditions.
  24. Jerry Steinmetz: cancer.
  25. Caroline Sanders: health issues, life issues, granddaughters who recently lost their parents.
  26. Violet Askins’ sister Virgie: in the hospital.
  27. Travel mercies.
  28. Bev Shaffer: Atrium Hospital with heart problems.
  29. Jerry Green (not the local one): recovering from a very long heart surgery.
  30. Family and friends of Cindi Dietrich, treasurer of the Ohio River Valley District, who passed away from flu complications.
  31. Deb Tunney: home.
  32. Greg Rahe: not sleeping, losing weight, problems in his colon.


November 4-10

  1. Quilt: Mycah Turuil: 4-month-old, severe heart issues.
  2. Charlotte Genslinger: knee surgery on 10/31.
  3. Family and friends of Sheila Minks who passed away.
  4. Wildfire victims.
  5. Kathy Brown: Breast Cancer surgery 11/14.
  6. Jenny: lost her husband.
  7. Child who is struggling.
  8. Mary Wiser’s mother: dementia.
  9. Bill Roberts: knee surgery.
  10. Kayla Fogle: premature labor.
  11. Mia: 1-year-old with RSV.


November 4-10

  1. Quilts: Charles Record (cancer in the brain).
  2. Families who lost children at the bus stop and picking up trash.
  3. Alisha’s mother passed away.
  4. Bruce Hughes: Cub Scout Pack Leader, needs dental surgery.
  5. Paul Anslow: ablation surgery Thursday.
  6. Loretta Gehron’s brother Tom Weaver: congestive heart failure.
  7. Betty O: chemo for ovarian cancer.
  8. Praise: Nick Miller 1 year clean and sober.
  9. David: heart transplant.
  10. Allie Wallace’s boyfriend: starting basic training.
  11. Karen Donagon’s mother passed away, had surgery.
  12. First Responders.
  13. Jack Jarvis: liver cancer.
  14. Cindy McArthur: stage 4 cancer, got a good test result.


October 29-November 3

  1. Sage Southers: hospitalized.
  2. Teresa Recker: health issues due to diabetes.
  3. Ralph Tidd: hand/wrist injury.
  4. Rhonda Pingleton: husband of 4 years passed away.
  5. Kent Bowser: infection in knee replacement.
  6. Donny Hatten: back issues.
  7. Our country
  8. Victims and families of the synagogue shooting.
  9. Adam Shaffer.
  10. Praise: Doug & Jean Cox’s daughter Rachel had a little boy on 10/20.
  11. Valley View School administrators.
  12. Larry Florr: Hospice.
  13. Hurricane Michael victims.
  14. Carol Shade: did well after back surgery on 10/24.


October 22-29

  1. Quilts: Blanche Smith (broken back & COPD).
  2. John Florio: (Betty Petticrew’s Grandson-in-law) pulmonary hypertension.
  3. Carol Woolcock: Fracture hip, hospitalized at Kettering.
  4. Jackie Ratliff
  5. Betty Owen: ovarian cancer.
  6. Baby born 3 months premature.


Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)