Prayer Ministry

Germantown Methodist Church Prayer Requests
Updated September 25, 2023

This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: The hungry in our communities.

1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
2. Service personnel: Jared Albertson (South Korea), Keith Carson (Florida), Tina Carr (Virginia), Michael Close (California), Nick Eby (Alabama), Charles Hayes (Ohio), Carl Martin (North Carolina), Daniel Muñoz (Virginia), Zach Smith (Georgia).
3. Our Homebound: Charles Anslow, Esther Cochran, Martha Cornn, Harold & Lucy Dursch, Geneva Forney, Nelson Hinkle, Grace Oblinger, Beverly Simpkins, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Janice Wallace, Carol Woolcock
4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading our church.
5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and Lucy, Margaret, and Benjamin Cline.
6. Members of our church with cancer: Dan Burns, Donna Cline, Patti Hayes, Beverly Simpkins, Jerry Steinmetz, JoAnn Weaver.
7. Those dealing with addiction and their families.

September 24-30
8. Quilt: Sandy Potter (heart attack).
9. Praise for protection of Mike Samworth in car accident this week; pray for the family of the woman who died.
10. Eric Tucker: procedure this week.
11. Tucker Qualls: 16-year-old with recurrent bone cancer.
12. Ray and Cathy Butler’s son-in-law Caleb Peckham; hospitalized for an intestinal blockage.
13. Steven Price: fell off a ladder working the Pretzel Festival.
14. Jeff Donson: home after brain surgery on 9/20.
15. Lilly Wright: suffered a seizure on 9/14, testing this week.
16. Nancy Studebaker: carotid artery blockage.
17. Miriam Johnson: in the hospital.
18. Kim Woollard, daughter, Emily, and two grandchildren: lost everything, including their dog, in a house fire 9/23.
19. Nathan Flinder’s cousin passed away.
20. Kayla Rose: lost her father.

September 17-23
21. Praise: Tinkerbells Closet had 64 last Thursday, 68 on Sunday.
22. Christopher Adkins: Eaton HS quarterback who suffered a concussion at Friday’s game.
23. Heidi Peck: ear surgery.
24. Linda Schwegerly: eye surgery.
25. Bill Weinel’s cousin: Pancreatic cancer.
26. Mary Meyers: lung cancer.
27. David Kovacs: testing.
28. Jennifer Stokes husband: has MS, recovering from surgery.
29. Ed Kruze: home after open heart surgery.
30. Shirley Freese: at Cleveland Clinic.
31. Jonathan: had a relapse.

September 10-16
32. Praise: Jerry Steinmetz received very good test results regarding his cancer.
33. Nelson Hinkle: under Hospice Care.
34. Joyce Ellison: home after being in ICU following complications from heart cath.
35. Daniel Harrison.
36. Family and friends of Mary Lou Clark who passed away.
37. Tony’s grandfather passed away.
38. Kyle Hamilton’s father: heart attack.
39. Those affected by the hurricane.
40. Timea Brody: miscarriage.
41. Jessica Reidmatter: recovering after surgery.
42. Kurt Owens: cancer.
43. Eric Tucker’s sister-in-law, Christy Campbell, passed away last September 8.

September 3-9
44. Quilt: Lisa Izor (breast cancer).
45. Lareen Bowman: COVID.
46. Donna Cline.

August 27-September 2
47. Quilt: Wanda Terrell (breast cancer).
48. Marjorie Anslow: home after having a minor stroke that caused balance problems.
49. Beverly Simpkins: undergoing testing.
50. Family and friends of Wanda DeGroat who passed away 8/15.
51. Family and friends of Carol Pasquel who passed away 8/19.
52. Family and friends of Sherry Chamberlain who passed away 8/21.
53. Family and friends of the Northwestern student who was killed in the bus crash.
54. Lori Quillen’s father: having a PET scan.
55. Grant Quillen: better, though still dealing with pain following a motorcycle accident.
56. Michael and Molly Johnson: health issues.

August 20-26
57. Quilt: Mary Wells (health issues).
58. Paul Mett: surgery 8/21 for broken leg.
59. Family and friends of Dolores Grunwald who passed away 8/17.
60. Family and friends of Eric Hall who passed away leaving a wife and 4 young children.
61. Theresa Crowe.
62. Praise: Susan Price is cancer free.
63. Candice: mass on her thyroid.
64. Carla Hale: cancer has returned.
65. Terry Hinker: cancer has returned.
66. Ray: Stage 4 prostate cancer.
67. Helen: health issues.
68. Jewel passed away.

August 13-19
69. Quilt: Anna Mae Hinkle (health issues).
70. Cathy Butler: recovering from broken leg and surgery.
71. Lucy Dursch: recovering from surgery for a broken hip.
72. Terri Hinkle: cancer has returned.
73. Sam: having surgery 8/15.
74. Tracy Nogle: dealing with the aftermath of a car accident.
75. Kate Garrett: lung cancer.
76. Family and friends of Vicki Reno who passed away 7/25.
77. Jessica: health issues.
78. Victims in Maui.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)