Prayer Ministry

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests
Updated December 8, 2022

This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: Children of the world: those who have, those who lack, those who are afraid, those who hurt.

1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
2. Service personnel: Keith Carson (Florida), Tina Carr (Virginia), Michael Close (California), Steven Crabtree (unknown), Nick Eby (England), Charles Hayes (Ohio), Levi Helmick (unknown), Carl Martin (North Carolina), Daniel Muñoz (Virginia), Zach Smith (Fort Benning).
3. Our Homebound: Delmar Burns, Mary Clark, Esther Cochran, Nelson Hinkle, Grace Oblinger, Beverly Simpkins, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Barb Watkins.
4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC into the future.
5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and Lucy, Margaret, and Benjamin Cline.
6. Members of our church with cancer: Donna Cline, Diane Hayes, Patti Hayes, Carol Pasquel, Jerry Steinmetz, JoAnn Weaver.
7. Those dealing with addiction, families and the V.V. Drug Free Community Coalition movement.
8. The United Methodist Church, Bishop Gregory Palmer, and District Superintendent Jim Wilson.

December 4-10
9. Quilt: Etta Hanahan (upcoming surgery); Julie Lopez (liver failure).
10. Beverly Simpkins: diagnosed with cancer in multiple places in her bones.
11. Family and friends of Lea Hacker who passed away 12/8.
12. Scott Hayes: recovering from back surgery.
13. John and Susan Witherspoon: COVID.
14. Praise: Karen Banks eyesight is stable right now. The neuro-balance therapy has helped with her unsteadiness. Karen said thank you for the continued prayers.
15. Praise: Doris Tudor received a positive report on her good eye.
16. Mistie Young: Bells Palsy.
17. Mistie Young’s stepmother Claudia: in a New York hospital with heart issues and double pneumonia.
18. Daniel Harrison.
19. Family and friends of Julie Griffey who passed away.
20. Family and friends of Barry Gross who passed away.
21. Robin: starting a new job.
22. Colin Tudor: depression.
23. David Posse.
24. Nicki: health issues.
25. Betty Uhlman.
26. Darrell Green.
27. Vicky Reno.
28. John and Jenny.
29. Travel mercies.
30. Dick Fiessinger: fell.
31. Cathy Butler’s son-in-law, Caleb: much better after surgery.
32. Betty Ruckle: 11/22 surgery did not go well, also has COVID.
33. Jonathan Taulbee: stroke.
34. Rick Wharton: recovering from surgery. Will start chemo and radiation next week.
35. Rhonda Roberts: steadily improving from knee surgery.
36. Peggy Landers: breast cancer & needs to sell her business due to her health.
37. Tracy E.: cancer.

November 27-December 3
38. Quilt: Maggie & Weston (twins born 6 weeks early), Scott Hayes (back surgery).
39. Family and friends of Rose Payne who passed away.
40. Jim Witherspoon: recovering from hip surgery.
41. Annette Lamb: testing.
42. Christ Lewis: unemployed.
43. Kathy Hiltbrand: melanoma

November 20-26
44. Quilt: Carol Bowser (shingles).
45. Joan Lee: home after being in the hospital for several days.
46. Praise: Patty & Scott Hayes are new grandparents.
47. Kyle Wright: eye procedure this week.
48. Jerry Jena: surgery 11/22.
49. Jena’s nephew and wife had their first baby: Jude River Wise.
50. Eloise: 8 week old with RSV.
51. Kenny Zink: COVID.
52. Family and friends of Christy Walters who passed away.
53. Connie Dunn: in a coma.
54. Raymond Crow: in memory care.
55. Ray & Cathy Butler’s daughter Jennifer.
56. Whitney and her baby Ricker.
57. Nathan Flinder’s nephew: needs multiple surgeries after football.
58. Edith Middleton: fell, cut is not healing.
59. Emily: very ill and going through a divorce.
60. Conrad Roberts: recovering from knee replacement.

November 13-19
61. Beverly Simpkins: lesions on her hip bones.
62. Connie Shaffer: recovering from surgery.
63. JoAnn Weaver: chemo treatments.
64. Those in the hospital.
65. Mike Donegan: heart attack.
66. Brad Abner: grandmother passed away.
67. Family and friends of Jaxon Nestor, 14-year-old boy of Gratis, who passed away.
68. Praise: Susan Wright in worship today.
69. Theresa Brook: liver and lung cancer.
70. Ben Wiles: motorcycle accident.
71. Stephanie: fell.
72. David Shade: pacemaker and torn rotator cuff.
73. Carol Shade: biopsy.
74. Sandy Benson.
75. Pam.
76. Carol Shade’s daughter Tracy: undergoing eye treatments.

November 6-12
77. Quilts: Karen Carmickle (upcoming surgery), Carol Kalmbach (upcoming surgery), Connie Shaffer (upcoming surgery), Susan Grothe (back surgery).
78. Teresa Brooks: diagnosed with liver & lung cancer.
79. Joyce Ellison: knee pain & swelling, dialysis starting soon, aortic valve replacement soon.
80. Wanda DeGroat: recovering from heart value replacement, will not need a pacemaker.
81. Bob Smith: pneumonia.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)