Prayer Ministry

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests
Updated June 9, 2021

This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: Those with cancer.

1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
2. Service personnel: Keith Carson (Florida), Jay & Tina Carr (Virginia), Michael Close (California), Steven Crabtree (Boot Camp), Nick Eby (England), Levi Helmick (Norway), Carl Martin (North Carolina), Daniel Muñoz (Virginia), Zach Smith (Germany).
3. Our Homebound: Delmar Burns, Mary Clark, Nelson Hinkle, Joan Lansaw, Joyce Michael, Grace Oblinger, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Barb Watkins.
4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC.
5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and little Lucy and Margaret Cline.
6. Those dealing with addiction, families and the Valley View Drug Free Community Coalition movement.
7. The United Methodist Church, Bishop Gregory Palmer, and District Superintendent Jocelyn Roper.
8. Natalie Cooper as she serves on staff of Church Camp June 10-August 6.

June 6-12
9. Miriam Johnson: diagnosed with lung cancer.
10. Joyce Michael: not doing well.
11. Charles Anslow: in the hospital.
12. Mary Ann and Molly Price as they move to Florida.
13. Nancy Weinel: leaving the hospital today after abdominal surgery on Thursday.
14. Family and friends of Wayne Asher who passed away.
15. Jackie Ratliff: heart issues.
16. Jackie Ratliff’s sister: Charlotte has COPD and mobility issues.
17. Brad Davis: eye occlusion.
18. Jim and Darlene Raker: Darlene was in hospital with COVID, Jim on a ventilator with COVID.
19. Beverly Simpkins: right eye blindness.
20. Conrad Roberts: jaw replacement surgery May 26. Prayers for healing.
21. Sue Dalton & family: husband passed away 5/27, mother passed away in March 2021 and her daughter passed away in July 2020. Her son-in-law is battling leukemia.
22. Family and friends of Dr. Berks who passed away.
23. Judy Riley: broken leg had healed, but she fell at home and is now in rehab at Sycamore Hospital with bruised kidney & low sodium levels.
24. Diana Southard: had foot surgery & recuperating.
25. Lisa Bacon-Hall: was back in hospital with back pain.
26. Oliver Hughes: recovering from surgery in Kettering Hospital.
27. Family & friends of Bill Sheets who passed away. Pray for wife Tennia also.
28. Jami Hornbuckle: surgery to remove benign lump in breast.
29. Kim Weidel: mother is hospitalized with poor prognosis.
30. Robert Walker: illness.
31. Steve Kelley: will have heart surgery in June.
32. Randy Jones: 51 yr. old, early aggressive & rare dementia. The family is caring for him at home and need prayers too.
33. Vernon Hasty, Jr.: battling cancer.
34. Vernon Hasty, Sr.: health issues.
35. Terri Hinkle: fighting cancer.
36. Family & friends of Michael Arstingstall, Sr. who passed away.

May 30-June 5
37. Prayer Quilt: Mike Price (cancer).
38. John Witherspoon: recovering following gall bladder surgery.
39. Mr. Rowles: health issues.
40. Oliver Davis: little boy with eye issues.
41. Betty Uhlman: cancer.
42. Carla Hale: cancer.
43. Vicki Cook’s mother: not doing well.
44. Kathy Kitchel’s mother Esther Hans: congestive heart failure.
45. Lori Desch: doing well after 2nd cataract surgery.
46. Sasha Doughty: 39yr old with 4 children, bilateral Breast cancer
47. Jed Miller: male breast cancer
48. Praise: Marjorie Anslow: 90th Birthday yesterday
49. Praise: Chris Kitchel’s grandmother Mary Alice Ashworth celebrated her 100th birthday last Wednesday.

May 23-29
50. Angela Studebaker: knee problems.
51. Nancy Wolfe: hospitalized in ICU.
52. Quilts: Tom Thompson (dialysis & heart problems), Andy Parker (health issues)
53. Madison students in car accident May 21.
54. Family and friends of Orion Smith who passed away.
55. Betty Petticrew: had knee replacement on 5/19/21.
56. Family & friends of Ronnie Bowman who passed away on 5/17/21.
57. Family & friends of Eileen Strobel who passed away.
58. Praise: Tim & Claire Mitchell had a healthy baby on Friday.

May 16-22
59. Jacob Eidemiller: torn esophagus and an abscess on his diaphragm, in ICU.
60. Brantley Garvey: ill.

May 9-15
61. Quilts: Carla Hale (cancer); Kelly Vanderhorst (malignant carcinoma), Ronnie Bowman (health issues).
62. Families of those involved in the car crash on Rt. 4.
63. Sherry R.: liver failure, on the waiting list for a transplant.
64. Family and friends of Jedd Emans who passed away.
65. Bev Roberts: health issues.
66. Charlotte Genslinger’s nephew Jacob Eidemiller: in hospital following abdominal surgery.
67. Gary Wright: ulcer.
68. Lyra Staggs daughter Aleasha: car accident, 3 broken vertebrae.
69. Leah Staggs daughter Angelina: car accident as well.
70. Family and friends of Dale Lozier who passed away.
71. A teenager who attempted suicide.
72. Co-workers of Lori Desch: Jody Underwood and Jennifer Matheny: heart issues.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)