Prayer Ministry

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests
Updated October 21, 2020

This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: For the children of our community.

1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
2. Service personnel: Keith Carson (Florida), Jay & Tina Carr (Virginia), Steven Crabtree (Boot Camp), Nick Eby (England), Carl Martin (North Carolina), Zach Smith (Germany), Cody Wagers, Rich Weinel (Ohio).
3. Our Homebound: Delmar Burns, Mary Clark, Tom Hayes, Nelson Hinkle, Joan Lansaw, Edna Mefford, Grace Oblinger, Bev Shaffer, Margaret Smith, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Barb Watkins, Richard Woolcock.
4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC.
5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and little Lucy and Margaret Cline.
6. The ministry of St. Paul United Methodist Church and our Covenant Partnership.
7. Those dealing with addiction, families and the Valley View Drug Free Community Coalition movement.
8. The United Methodist Church, Bishop Gregory Palmer, and District Superintendent Jocelyn Roper.

October 18-24
9. Quilts: Michael O’diam (cancer), Michael (electrocuted), Michael Johnson (cancer), Betty Petticrew (knee replacement).
10. Family and friends of Stan Price who passed away October 15. Service is October 31 at 10:30 am.
11. Family and friends of Jim Desch who passed away October 17. Service is October 24 at 3:00 pm.
12. Vicky Cook’s mother Blanche Smith: recovering from hip replacement surgery.
13. Violet Askins’ great niece Jessica Stewart in the hospital with complications with her pregnancy. She is due in December.
14. Violet Askins’ great nephew Dakota Church and a friend Linda Lubecki both have COVID.
15. Ashley Noble: diagnosed with COVID. She is now symptom free, and no one else in the house is sick.
16. Audra Stiver tested positive for COVID 10/18. Not feeling too bad.
17. Randy Stiver: still recovering from COVID. Still without taste or smell.
18. Richard Dautel: end stage; wife Martha has dementia.
19. Isaak Isbel: recovering from surgery.
20. Zane Dautel: broken arm.
21. Family and friends of Jeanann Brewer who passed away.
22. Family and friends of Chuck Prager who passed away.
23. Gary Wheeler’s niece had a baby girl: Valla Anne Boyd.
24. Family and friends of Linda Moon who passed away.
25. Dennis Dunphy: recovering from lung cancer surgery.
26. Greg and Etta Hanahan’s granddaughter Harper: 3-year-old, recovering from trigger finger surgery on 9/21. Had eye procedure 10/14 for a foreign object.
27. Linda and Steve Lubecki: both have COVID.
28. Gary and Myra Wheeler’s sister-in-law Shannon: fell and broker her arm; will require surgery.

October 11-17
29. Eric Tucker’s mother Remona’s roommate at Kingston tested positive for COVID-19.
30. Rory Peppard: in hospital.
31. Praise: Larry Weaver’s aunt Irene is 100 years old.
32. Conner Williams: in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with breathing issues.
33. Valley View teachers and students: transitioning to 4 days a week in-person learning this week.

October 4-10
34. Quilt: Mona Hatton (cancer).
35. COVID patients.
36. Ed Dudas: possible blood clot in his brain.
37. Family and friends of Jennifer Jones who passed away.
38. Melody Herbst: bronchitis.
39. Praise: Carol Shade has a new great granddaughter, plus her oldest granddaughter got married.
40. Praise: Amelia Tishaus is home after 45 days in the hospital.
41. Wilda Peter’s uncle Jim Freese: mild heart attack.
42. Dale and Robin White’s friends Gary and Tara Cox: COVID.
43. Nancy Reno’s brother passed away.
44. Chuck and Karen Kirk’s son Greg: knee replacement surgery.

September 27-October 3
45. Quilts: John Diver (cancer), Carol (liver cancer and failure), Alexis McKay (bowel surgery), Melissa Napier (heart problems).
46. Mark Heistand’s great niece Melissa Napier: 33 years old, heart value replacement 9/28.
47. Ashley Vick and family: struggling after a car accident.
48. Robin & Dale White’s friend Lynn Owens: fell and broke leg in three places.
49. Joan Reason: fell.
50. Wes Souders: pastor friend of the Wheelers, diagnosed with kidney cancer.
51. Hester family: father died in a motorcycle accident.
52. Family and friends of Pat Abner who passed away.
53. Family and friends of Sharon Pinnick who passed away.
54. Beverly Simpkins: is feeling a little better but still has pain in her legs and neck.
55. Family & friends of Dorothy Fleming who passed away.
56. Brittany Geiger: will be induced 10/6, baby has a heart defect that will require surgery within a few days of birth.

September 20-26
57. Quilts: Carla Merrit (son attempted suicide); Dionne Allen’s mother (health issues).
58. Doris Tudor’s sister Wanda Barker and family: 8 in the family have tested positive for COVID. Husband Bob is in the hospital, others sick.
59. Larry MacDonald: struggling.
60. Lorene Dwire: in Sycamore Nursing Home after been in the hospital for several weeks.
61. Betty Carpenter: heart issues.
62. John Rettich: cellulitis in the leg.
63. Praise: Doug & Jean Cox have a new granddaughter! Adelaide Louise Maas was born on 9/8/20. Parents are Ben & Rachel Maas.
64. Phyllis Heitz: fell and broke her upper arm; surgery 9/25.

September 13-18
65. Quilts: Hank Trishel (recovering from surgery); Marilyn Kapel (breast cancer).
66. Cathy Butler: diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.
67. Betty Uhlman: recurrent cancer, undergoing chemotherapy.

August 30-September 5
68. Joyce Ellison: aortic valve stenosis, kidney problems.
69. Susan Miller’s niece Amy Davis: 40-year-old, had a stroke, unresponsive.
70. Wayne Asher: Stage 4 Prostate Cancer.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)