Prayer Ministry

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests

Updated May 20, 2019


This Week’s Church Prayer Focus:  For graduates, that they would seek the Lord in their future endeavors.


  1. Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.
  2. Service personnel: Keith Carson (Oklahoma), Jay & Tina Carr (Virginia), Nick Eby (Idaho), Carl Martin (Virginia), Daniel Murdoch (USS Truman), Max Phillips (South Korea), Zach Smith (Fort Benning), Rich Weinel (Ohio).
  3. Our Homebound: Mary Clark, Al Grise, Tom Hayes, Nelson Hinkle, Joan Lansaw, Mary Francis Meadows, Edna Mefford, Grace Oblinger, Bev Shaffer, Margaret Smith, Martha Mae Storer, Janice & Richard Waits, Barb Watkins, Richard Woolcock.
  4. For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC.
  5. Our missionaries Kevin, Laura, and little Lucy and Margaret Cline.
  6. The ministry of St. Paul United Methodist Church and our Covenant Partnership.
  7. Those dealing with addiction, families and the Valley View Drug Free Community Coalition movement.
  8. The United Methodist Church, our Bishop Gregory Palmer, and our District Superintendent Jocelyn Roper.

May 19-25

  1. Quilt: Sherry Chamberlain: had partial amputation of her foot and also an angioplasty. Is now at Kingston.
  2. Praise: Roseann Milliken’s tumor has been determined not to be cancer.
  3. Isaac Maish (Shane & Lisa Hannah’s grandson): fell on the playground, has a fractured vertebra in his neck, in a brace.
  4. Ellen and Harold Conley: health issues.
  5. Mary Ann Price: upcoming cataract surgery.
  6. Valley View Schools.
  7. Ray and Satie Southers.
  8. Joyce Ellison: vocal cord surgery 5/22.
  9. Kathy and Jill.
  10. Neff Family.
  11. Alissa Baker: cancer.
  12. Lenny Gulley: cancer.
  13. Nick Miller: gall bladder issues.
  14. Coy Myser: kidney surgery.
  15. Family & friends of Pat McKinney who passed away.
  16. Al Grise: In VA hospital with heart and dementia issues.
  17. Travel mercies.
  18. Pat Moyer: home after eye surgery.
  19. Jerry Steinmetz: cancer.
  20. Cindy McArthur: brain cancer, may need surgery.
  21. Karen Sharp: heart problems, will not be able to return to work before school is out.
  22. Caroline Sanders: end stage COPD, broken arm & cracked ribs.
  23. Donald Wigger Jr. (Donna Galdeen’s brother) received blood transfusions and is receiving maintenance chemo for leukemia.
  24. Andrea Honious: cancer.
  25. Debbie Eby’s grandson Ashton: 10-year-old who had cancerous tumor removed from the base of the brain.

May 12-18

  1. Quilt: Jaxon Gorsuch (6-month-old who needs eye surgery).
  2. Donna Gisewite: diagnosed with lung cancer. Bronchoscopy next week, cancer surgery May 24.
  3. Glen & Pat Reynolds: aging issues.
  4. Family and friends of Gary Michael who passed away.
  5. Joan Lee.
  6. Theresa Fiessinger’s brother.
  7. Paul Arnold: issues.
  8. Kyle & Lillie Wright
  9. Carol Stoutenborough.
  10. Violet Askins’ sister Virgie: dementia.
  11. Sean Carr: drinking problem.
  12. Leroy’s wife Deedra: lost her mother.
  13. Wendy Minor: husband died suddenly.
  14. Greg Rahe: needing a new placement.
  15. Brian Jankovich and family.
  16. Family and friends of Michael Painter who passed away.
  17. Family and friends of Nancy Cline who passed away on Wednesday from cancer.

May 5-11

  1. My Great Uncle.
  2. Ken Damron: undergoing a biopsy on Tuesday.
  3. Family & friends of Maxine Fausey who passed away on 5/5/19.
  4. Teresa Recker: injuries from a fall.
  5. Doris Tudor: eye issues.
  6. Nan Githens.
  7. Catherine Sanchez: autoimmune issues.
  8. Betty Carpenter.
  9. Janie: complications from hip replacement.
  10. Dave DeNoma: eye issues.
  11. Patti Hayes: continued prayer for cancer treatments.
  12. Prayers for area farmers: that they can be able to work in their fields.

April 28-May 4

  1. Craig: possible heart problems, testing on Monday 5/6.
  2. Victims of the Synagogue shooting.
  3. Calvin & Samantha Walker’s daughter Ashley Burggraff: diagnosed with scoliosis.
  4. Samantha Walker: dealing with kidney failure.
  5. Ashton Marsh: premature infant now at home.
  6. Daniel Powell: fracture arm.
  7. Raven: esophagus issues.
  8. Mary Kay Hoog: eye surgery on Tuesday.
  9. Edna Barnhart: having testing.
  10. Jason: health issues.
  11. State Road United Methodist Church.
  12. Kenny & Joan Lee’s son-in-law: donating bone marrow for his sister.
  13. Susan Hillard: house fire.
  14. Family and friends of Nick Whaley who passed away.
  15. Kristen Morris: prayers for her as she will be substituting for Karen Sharp through the end of the school year.
  16. Elizabeth Showalter Neal: hip replacement, now recovering at home.
  17. John Florio: home following hospitalization for numerous health issues.

April 21-27

  1. Quilts: Kathy Sabia (lung cancer & stage 4 liver cancer).
  2. Charlene Detwiler: dizziness, weakness, neuropathy in legs and feet.
  3. Amy Jo Witt: tumor behind her ear.
  4. Grayson: premature infant (29 weeks).
  5. Rhonda Flory: skin cancer.
  6. Debbie Stiver’s niece was in a head on car crash.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)