News and Events


GUMC Chancel Choir: The choir will resume rehearsals on Wednesday, August 28th at 7:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Practices take place each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. If you enjoy singing, please consider joining the best choir in Germantown right here at GUMC!


Liturgists Needed: We are in need of liturgists for September 15th & 22nd and October 6th & 20th. Liturgists read the opening words and opening prayer which is printed in the bulletin. If you would like to serve please see the notebook at the Welcome Center.


Sonshine-In-A-Bag Reminder: School is back in session. Don’t forget to bring in 18 oz. jars of Peanut Butter & 19 oz. squeeze bottles of Jelly for needy Valley View school children. These and other items are sent home on Fridays so that the children have nourishing food over the weekend. See the display located in the Narthex for more information.


SCRIP Program: For many years, GUMC has used the SCRIP program to raise extra funds which help pay off the church mortgage. We offer members the option to purchase SCRIP gift cards here at church. By participating in this program, the church receives a small percentage of each purchase. When you purchase cards here at GUMC, you help the church. When you purchase cards at a big box retailer, you help them. SCRIP cards are used just like cash at retailers and restaurants. There are hundreds of participating businesses in the program. Please take a minute to think about where you routinely shop, dine, or purchase gasoline. We probably have a SCRIP card to cover those purchases. We can also order Amazon cards for your Amazon shopping needs. There is a list of retailers located at the Welcome Center along with order forms for cards we don’t have in stock.

Methodist Bread Basket: It’s time to bake bread! GUMC and Union Chapel UMC will once again team up at the Germantown Pretzel Festival to raise funds for both churches. Each church needs to prepare a minimum of 200 loaves of bread for the booth. We ask that members in both congregations contribute by baking a variety of breads. Please use 9×5 or 8×4 size loaf pans or larger. This helps us keep our price of $4.25 per loaf consistent. Workers are also needed to assist customers in the booth during the festival. A sign-up sheet is located at the Welcome Center. Additional information can be found on the bulletin board in the Narthex.


New Ladies Bible Study: It’s time for our next women’s Bible Study! We are doing a bible study this time by someone we have not used before. Her name is Lisa Harper and she is a nationally known Bible teacher and has been on the Women of Faith Tour. “A master storyteller and sought-after Bible teacher and author known for her authenticity, Lisa Harper’s writing and speaking overflows with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible and modern life. She combines sound scriptural exposition with relatable anecdotes and comedic wit. Lisa is a mother to Missy, who she adopted from Haiti”.


Here is the info you need now!

*When: 9-3-19 to 10-15-19 – Tuesdays-This is a 7 week Bible study.

*Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

*Cost: $15.00 for book.


“The Book of Hebrews is a rich, dense section of Scripture that can intimidate the most scholarly biblical student. But Lisa Harper makes digging into Hebrews fun and doable, as only she can, without losing an ounce of depth. Hebrews was a sermon for a specific people and culture in the midst of martyrdom and persecution, but is also so relevant for us today, reminding us to continue walking toward Jesus regardless of our culture or our circumstances. Join Lisa as she journeys through this bridge between the Old and New Testaments to get to the heart of the matter: Jesus is our accessible King. He is not a faraway God, but an Up[close Redeemer who draws near to us. Hebrews helps women make the connection between God the Father and God the Son and reminds us that Jesus is supreme, but He is also compassionate, empathetic, and loving to no end.”



Mission of the Month: During August, we will be delivering mission donations to Church Women United, Middletown. This mission accepts all sizes and types of clothing, shoes, and outerwear as well as household items. Please place mission items in the coat closet near the media booth and have them clearly labeled “missions” to avoid any confusion. Thank you for helping those who are less fortunate.


Tinkerbell’s Closet Donations: Tinkerbell’s is always in need of special occasion dresses, undergarments, wraps, shoes, handbags and jewelry. We especially need plus size dresses. If you aren’t a shopper, you can make a monetary donation to Tink’s and we’ll do the shopping for you. Your support of this mission is greatly appreciated.


C.A.M.P. We accept donations of food pantry items which are delivered to C.A.M.P. in Farmersville on a monthly basis. In addition, paper products such as toilet tissue are always appreciated as well. C.A.M.P. serves families in the Farmersville, Germantown and New Lebanon communities. There is a basket inside the front door for your food donations.


Sonshine In A Bag: Sonshine In A Bag is accepting donations of 18 oz. jars of peanut butter & 19 oz. plastic squeeze bottles of jelly. We have been asked to concentrate on these two items which are given out each week. Please add these items to your weekly grocery list. Supplies go out as quickly as they come in. They have enough grocery bags at this time so you may stop bringing them in for now.


Reminders: We are collecting the “Box Tops for Education” coupons that are found on many grocery/food items. These box tops are given to Valley View Schools which are redeemed for school supplies. We also accept the pull tabs from aluminum cans for Ronald McDonald House Charities. There are containers for each of these items outside the kitchen in fellowship hall.