In 2001, Germantown Methodist Church experienced a vision for a new church building. This new space would most importantly allow the church to expand the scope of their ministries.
It would also allow the growing congregation and their families a better place to worship and create lasting memories in fellowship with others, and form a space for sharing with the Germantown and Farmersville communities.

In December 2010, through personal and congregational leaps of faith, this vision was realized, and the congregation was able to move into their new building. From the beginning of this process of growth into a new building, God has directed and provided for this congregation — from acquiring the land to raising the funds! Within the new walls of this church, the GMC families are now enjoying the fruits of their labor and the richness in blessings that their faith in God has provided. In building this new church, the congregation has also built a legacy of faith in God that will be shared with many future generations.

Our Vision

Many milestones mark the journey of Germantown Methodist Church as it came to occupy this new church. But this journey isn’t finished, yet! The congregation must continue to honor God by doing what they were called to do in the new space –to make more disciples of Jesus Christ. Just as the church’s forefathers did, over 200 years ago, the congregation must continue to grow in faith and reach out to others. To do this, the church must be good stewards of God’s many gifts to the church.

Paying off the church’s debt quickly will free up monetary resources. This will allow the congregation to continue building strong ministries, and ensure that the legacy to future generations of this church will be faith and love rather than a burden of debt. Prayerfully paying off this debt early is an act of good stewardship of God’s resources. The monetary resources saved would be much needed for ministries and growth.

How We Will Get There

What a wonderful blessing that we were able to raise the first half of the money and relocate to our beautiful campus and build our new church. Our debt is helping us do what we are now doing in our new building. That’s good news. The not-so-good news is that it is also holding us back from doing what we can still do. So we are:

  • Dreaming Big about what could come about if the offerings we give to pay a mortgage could be used to fund ministry, outreach, and service. We’re dreaming big, but we have a big God!
  • Prayer Fervently to see beyond our resources to God’s gracious and limitless stores in heaven.
  • Giving Extravagantly through extraordinary sharing and willing sacrifice out of our love for God and our love for people.
  • Believing Boldly that God can accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think through His work within us.

We are asking you to join us in the journey of faith, stewardship, and giving. Through the help of the Lord, we did it before. Let’s ask God to do it again, and use us in the next step of His plan for our community of faith to make a difference for eternity in the lives of children, students, and adults as we move Forward in Faith. Together, we will:

Dream Big, Pray Fervently, Give Extravagantly, and Believe Boldly.