Spiritual Retreats

We recommend several opportunities to attend a spiritual retreat, to help you grow closer to God in a place away from the hustle of life:

Walk to Emmaus

Emmaus LogoThe Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. The program’s approach seriously considers the model of Christ’s servanthood and encourages Christ’s disciples to act in ways appropriate to being “a servant of all.”

Held for 72 hours from a Thursday evening to Sunday evening in an area church, the Walk helps pilgrims feel and comprehend the love of God in astonishing ways. They hear 15 talks on the Christian faith, life and discipline.

Those that attend find it a life-changing experience where their faith is strengthened.

We have an Emmaus Community right here in the Dayton area. Gatherings are on the second Monday of the month at Normandy United Methodist Church. (Map)

Click here for more information regarding attending a Walk or being part of the Community.

Chrysalis is the name chosen for the youth and young adult version of The Walk to Emmaus, because it symbolizes the spiritual growth that is essential between adolescence and adulthood.

Christian Ashram

United Christian AshramChristian Ashrams seek to help all people deepen their experience of the dynamic reality of God in daily living. The word “ashram” – meaning “retreat” – is a word that comes from Sanskrit. Following a personal retreat experience in India, missionary E. Stanley Jones recognized the significance and value of a time for alternating discipline and rest, seeking spiritual health and renewal. Returning to the United States, Dr. Jones adapted this ancient retreat approach to be centered on Christian teaching and ecumenical community.

The Ashram begins on a Thursday evening with the Open Heart, a chance to express the blessings, needs, and spiritual desires that they have coming into the Ashram. There is both a main speaker (called the Evangelist) and a Bible Study Teacher who share each day. There are Prayer Groups that give participants the chance to share and pray together. There are opportunities to learn about and participate as the Church in Action. There is a healing service as well as a communion service. The Ashram concludes on Sunday with the Overflowing Heart, where the Ashram community gathers to reflect and share how each one has been blessed, challenged, and equipped for continuing growth and ministry during the retreat. 

People from Germantown Methodist Church have been attending the Mountaineer Christian Ashram in Ripley, West Virginia since 2015.


For more information, go to the United Christian Ashram website or contact Pastor Gary.