Messages that Build a Christ Connection

God Keeps His Promises

Who can you trust these days?

  • The government? Don’t make me laugh.
  • The press? Don’t make me mad?
  • The airlines? Hey, that’s getting personal.

Let’s face it: there is little that we can truly trust these days. Plenty of promises are made, and plenty are broken. We don’t know who we can trust anymore.

Fortunately, God makes promises… and He keeps them!

We will study ten promises that we can count on God to keep. Come join us

August 14       “Forgiveness and Freedom”   Video   Text
August 21       “Assurance and Hope”   Video   Text
August 28        “Calling and Gifting”   Video   Text
September 4   “Strength and Rest”   Video   Text
September 11 “Value and Purpose”   Video   Text

School of Prayer

It is the first spiritual discipline one can practice. A child can do it before he or she can do any other. It is the simplest of Spiritual Disciplines. Yet, ask someone to do it in public, and they will freeze in fear. They believe the cannot do it, that they are bad at it, and that it never works for them.

We enter the School of Prayer to learn about this vital Spiritual Discipline.

July 10   Prayer 101: What Is It?   Video   Text

July 17   Prayer 202: In His Will   Video   Text

July 24   Prayer 303: In My Daily Life   Video   Text

July 31   Prayer 404: Hinderances of Prayer   Video   Text


Kathy preached a message entitled “Engage.”

July 3   Engage   Video

The Bible

The Bible TitleThe Bible. The best selling book of all time. Nothing else has ever compared to it. More than 100 translations  of the Bible have been written in English. It has stood the test of time for its authority on a relationship with God, its message of salvation through Jesus Christ, and equipping of the saints for ministry.

During our series, we took a 30,000 foot look at the Bible, saw the mega themes of its various sections, the key verses, and how each page of Scripture points to Jesus, the Son of God.

May 1     The Pentateuch   Video   Text

May 8     Old Testament History   Video   Text

May 15   Wisdom Literature   Video   Text

May 22   The Prophets   Video   Text

May 29   The Gospels   Video   Text

June 5    New Testament History   Video   Text

June 12  Paul’s Letters   Video   Text

June 19  The General Letters   Video   Text

June 26  Revelation   Video   Text

It’s The Resurrection

We tend to be a little confused about all this Holy Week stuff. There are so many different things that happen. We move from the high emotion of a day called “Palm Sunday,” to the lowest point of the week called “Good Friday,” that really doesn’t sound good at all, then back to celebration today, “Easter Sunday.” It is all quite confusing, or maybe it’s just that we gave up chocolate for Lent and today we are a bit of a sugar buzz.

We are uncertain not only of the events of Holy Week, but in fact the validity and relevance of the events. A poll of Americans reported that a vast majority believe in God, are religious, and believe Jesus died on a cross, yet only 15% believe He rose from the dead.

We talked about the importance, accuracy, and relevance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April 17   “It’s The Resurrection”   Video   Text

His Last Day

Have you ever seen this meme:

Sometimes I joke about what I’d do if I had one day left to live. Eat junk food, go crazy, etc. Today it hit me: Jesus knew. And He washed feet.

During Lent, we looked at Jesus’ final night through the eyes of the Apostle John. We discovered what Jesus felt was important to convey to the disciples, and to us, before He was crucified.

March 6    “Service”   Video   Text
March 13  “The Departure Temptation”   Video   Text
March 20  “The Way to the Father”   Video   Text
March 27  “A New Commandment”   Video   Text
April 3        “Connected”   Video   Text
April 10      “Look Beyond”   Video   Text
April 14      “Asking”   Video   Text

The Armor of God

The Armor of GodEphesians 6 and the Armor of God. Often, people either love the passage, find it archaic, or hate its militaristic imagery. But look at the reason why Paul uses the analogy:

Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. (Ephesians 6:11-13, NLT2) 

When we realize that we are in a battle for our spiritual souls, then we will find how the truths of the passage will help us “stand firm.”

January 16   “Put It On”   Video   Text

January 23   “The Belt of Truth”   Video   Text

January 30   “The Breastplate of Righteousness”   Video   Text

February 6   “The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace”   Video   Text

February 13   “The Shield of Faith”   Video   Text

February 20   “The Helmet of Salvation”   Video   Text

February 27   “The Sword of the Spirit”   Video   Text

Promises You Can Trust

We live our lives based on promises. We go to worship, believing the promise that we would hold worship, that our cars would get us here and back safely, and that this sermon wouldn’t be too boring!

We go to bed tonight with the promise that we will be safe from the elements and that our alarm will get us up for another day.

We also rely on the promises of God.

The prophet Isaiah, writing about the captivity of his people Israel in Babylon, after they had turned from God and failed to follow His commands, and after He had punished them, He gave them promises. We looked at eight of them.

January 9   “Promises You Can Trust”   Video   Text

Are You Driften’?

Imagine drifting in the Pacific Ocean for five months!

Drifting can be a terrible feeling, when you go in a direction not of your own choosing, helpless. Sometimes, we allow ourselves to drift. We put on a few pounds. We stop exercising as we should. These are usually the things we make New Year’s resolutions about.

It is easy to drift in our spiritual lives as well. One of our greatest temptations as Christians is simply to drift away from Christ.

In the message, Gary talked about seven warning signs you are drifting from God, then three things to do if you feel disconnected to God. Then we celebrated the Wesley Covenant Service.

January 2   “Are You Driftin’?”    Video   Text