Messages that Build a Christ Connection

Fundamental to Christianity is the theology of the Trinity. Yet for most, 1+1+1=1 is a hard concept to understand.

  • “Do we worship three Gods?”
  • “Isn’t ‘God’ and ‘The Father’ the same?”
  • “Is Jesus like Clark Kent a.k.a Superman?”
  • “What or Who is the Holy Spirit really, and do we want Him?”

We will explore this important, yet difficult, tenant of our faith during our series “The Holy Trinity.”

Please join us!

January 10   “The Holy Trinity – An Introduction”   Video   Text   Worksheet

January 17   “God the Father”   Video   Text

January 24   “God the Son”

January 31   “God the Holy Spirit”

I Need A New Year

2021-01-03 Text It’s 2021. Yeah!

I’m so glad it’s 2021. I know we still are dealing with a pandemic and uncertainties, but this year has got to be better than last year, because last year was so bad!

So, I need a new year, and in this new year, I want to be different. A new person. A new creation.

Explore with us a new year in 2021.

January 3   “I Need A New Year”   Video   Text

The Magi’s Gifts

We three kings of Orient are bearing gifts, we traveled afar.

We will the very familiar Christmas carol. It comes from the story from Matthew 2 and speaks of the gifts gold, plus two others that are rarely on anyone’s Christmas list.

What do the gifts mean? What do they tell us of this new King of the Jews.

We looked at The Magi’s Gifts.

December 27   “The Magi’s Gifts”   Video   Text

On Christmas Morn

Christmas Eve. What we have waited for, longed for.

2,000 years ago, while heaven prepared for the birth of the Christ Child, with a star in the sky and an angelic choir rehearsed and ready to sing to shepherds, the world was in a state of despair and darkness. God knew how humanity needed help and how hard things were. He met that need on that first Christmas morn.

December 24   “On Christmas Morn”   Video   Text

Only God Can

We were living in a totally different world than we were a year ago. Everything has changed, and not for the better. Many have lost their jobs. Businesses have shut down. Our daily lives have been disrupted. We are told where we can and cannot go, who we can or cannot be with, and what we must wear, while over 1.1 million people have died from a virus we had never heard of last year.

In the midst of all this, new words and concepts have come into our understanding: social distancing and contract tracing, along with virtual classes, virtual jobs, even virtual worship. We feel more disconnected than ever before.

Our world is a mess. We are going through the trial of our lives. We feel like we are failing this life test. It seems we are victims of something we cannot see and do not know we have until we have hurt others.

During Advent, we heard the message, experienced a triumph, shared a testimony, and won the victory, because “Only God Can!”

November 29   “Turn a Mess to a…”   Video   Text

December 6     “Turn a Trial into a…”   Video   Text

December 13   “Turn a Test into a…”   Video   Text

December 20   “Turn a Victim into a…”   Video   Text

A Guide to Giving

It’s that time of year again!

I don’t know if you have realized, but we at Germantown United Methodist Church tend to repeat certain topics every year or so. You know, we tend to talk about Jesus’ birth in December. Not very imaginative there. Same goes for March and April, talking about Jesus’ suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection. We talk about moving into a new year in January. 

Well, it’s November again, and what do we usually talk about in November?


It’s kind of like going to the dentist or having a mammogram or prostate exam: you know it’s uncomfortable and you don’t really like it, but you know you have to do it. We talk about stewardship because of our need, society’s evil influence, and to recommit ourselves to the ways of the Lord.

So, we spent a few weeks talking about stewardship

November 8    “Wesleyan View of Money”   Video   Text

November 22  “What is a Steward”   Video   Text

All Saints Day. It is an unusual day. It takes place on a typical Sunday morning, then adds differing emotions. We reflect upon the loss we have experienced, either of family members, friends, or simply co-members of the church. That focus is on us; it’s an inward focus of what we have lost.

Now, those of us who remain would like to know what they our loved ones are experiencing. We want to know if they are okay, if they are happy, if they are safe. We would like a look on the other side, to see what the future has instore for us.

We looked at Scripture for a peek, a look to the other side.

November 1   “A Look on the Other Side”   Video   Text

Embrace the Race

After consider the Hall of Heroes (Hebrews 11), we are called to follow their example of faith and set out on the race that God is laid out for us.

Kathy Kitchel lead us through a study of Hebrews 12:1-3 and challenged us to “Embrace the Race.”

October 26   “Embrace the Race”   Video

A Whale of a Tale

It’s a famous story known throughout the world, yet critics claim it’s make-believe.

It’s a strange book. It has a deeply flawed main character, freak storms, cows in sackcloth, a worm, and of course, a big fish story that is hard to swallow. Yet, it is also a very structured book with parallels chapters, and it contains the biggest revival in human history! It might be small, but it is powerful.

Join us as we studied the Book of Jonah.

September 27      “We Got a Runner”   Video   Text

October 4              “Praying in the Midst of Your Mess”   Video   Text

October 11            “Surprise, Surprise”   Video   Text

October 18           “Not A Poster Child”   Video   Text

Promises of God

“Guaranteed to last forever.”

“Until we are parted by death.”

“Exactly what you need.”

There are countless promises made to us in our lives. But it seems more times than not that a promise made is a promise unkept. Is there anything in this world we can rely on to last.

We looked at the “Promises of God.” Seven promises that we can believe in, as certain as the dawn of a new day.

August 9          Presence   Video   Text

August 16        Protection   Video   Text

August 23         Strength   Video   Text

August 30         Answer   Video   Text

September 6     Provision   Video   Text

September 13   Peace   Video   Text

September 20   Love   Video   Text

Can You Explain That To Me?

Let’s face it: sometimes, Jesus’ stories are just, well let’s say, hard to understand. We think, “What does that mean?” We also wonder why He spoke so often using parables.

Well, we’re in good company. The disciples often asked Jesus to explain His stories.

In our series, “Can You Explain That To Me?” we looked at several parables, many of them quite famous, that needed some extra explanation from Jesus.

July 12      The Sower and the Seed   Video   Text

July 19      The Weeds in the Field   Video   Text

July 26      Mustard Seeds, Treasures, and Pearls   Video   Text

August 2   The Fishing Net   Video   Text

Faith of the Centurion

Kathy Kitchel talked about how the faith of a Gentile army commander gives us an example for our faith in Christ.

July 5   “Faith of the Centurion”   Video