Messages that Build a Christ Connection

40 Days of Purpose

No matter who you are: rich or poor; famous or not; woman or man; single or married; child, teen, or adult; preacher or lay person – everyone one of us wants to know “Why am I alive? Does my life matter? Is there a purpose in my life? And where do I find the answers to these questions?”

Our church went through “40 Days of Purpose” using Rick Warren’s book “Purpose Driven Life”. We explored what the Bible has to say, for it is our owner’s manual from the One that created us and loves us.

September 8    “What on Earth am I Here For?”   Audio   Text

September 15  “You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure”   Audio   Text

September 22  “You Were Formed for God’s Family” (delivered by Myra Wheeler due to illness)   Audio   Text

September 29  “You Were Created to Become Like Christ”   Audio   Text

October 6          “You Were Shaped for Serving God”   Audio   Text

October 13       “You Were Made for a Mission”   Audio   Text

A Study of the Book of Revelation

What are you scared of? What frightens you?

Spiders? Snakes? Bats? Dark rooms? Loud noises? Thunderstorms?


There are a bunch of people afraid of the Book of Revelation. It’s frightening. It’s confusing. It’s dire. Best just to stay away from it.

But the Book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to those who read and obey it’s message.

We looked at the Book of Revelation from a Wesleyan perspective and found the praise, predictions, and purpose in the book, then strengthen for the days ahead.

June 9       “I Can’t Understand It: An Introduction”   Audio   Text

June 16      “Christ Has Conquered”   Audio   Text

June 23      “Christ’s Message to the Churches”   Audio   Text

July 7         “Worship in Heaven”   Audio   Text

July 14       “The Lamb Who Was Slain”   Audio   Text

July 21       “The Judgments Come – Part 1”   Audio   Text

July 28       “The Judgments Come – Part 2”   Audio   Text

August 11  “Where Are We?”   Audio   Text

August 18  “Evil Personified”   Audio   Text

August 25  “The Final Battle”   Audio   Text

September 1 “The End and the Beginning”   Audio   Text


“Spiritual Metamorphosis”

Kathy Kitchel shared a message from Ephesians 2:4-9.

August 4  “Spiritual Metamorphosis”   Audio


Beloved of God

Many Christians read their Bible, and when they find a verse that really speaks to them, they will underline or highlight the verse, in part as a marker of Scriptural truth, as well as a reminder of God’s revelation to them. John 3:16 – oh, yeah, that’s underlined, and a host of others.

Read the book of 1 John, and you will find a host of Scriptures that speak straight to the heart of the believer. And why? These are words to the Beloved of God.

We studied this short, but incredible book, to discover who we are in God’s eyes, and what we must do in response.

May 5   “Finally Seeing the Truth”   Audio   Text

May 12 “Truths for the Beloved”   Audio   Text

May 19 “The DNA of the Beloved”   Audio   Text

May 26 “Voices”   Audio   Text

June 2 “Characteristics of the Beloved”   Audio   Text


The Disciples’ Journey to Easter

With our personal self-denial and repentance during Lent, we are on a journey towards the Cross and the Resurrection. We do this as we reflect on the events nearly 2,000 years ago.

But there was a group of people at actually walk that path towards that fateful Friday and glorious Sunday. They were the disciples. And though they really didn’t understand what was going on at the time, it was a completely life-changing experience.

We joined the journey with the followers of Jesus during our series “The Disciples’ Journey to Easter.” We examined each of the disciples to discover that Jesus is teaching us through them.

March 10   “Matthew and James the Less”   Audio   Text

March 17   “Thaddeus, Simon, and Nathaniel”   Audio   Text

March 24   “The Women Who Followed Jesus – Part 1”   Audio   Text

March 31   “The Women Who Followed Jesus – Part 2”   Audio   Text

April 7   “James and John”   Audio   Text

April 7   “Branches” Lenten Service message   Audio   Text

April 14   “Philip and Andrew”   Audio   Text

April 18   “Judas”   Audio   Text

April 21   “Peter”   Audio   Text

April 28   “Thomas”   Audio   Text



I don’t know about you, but I want to grow: grow mentally for myself, relationally with my wife, and spiritually with God. I want to be that child of God for whom is said when I die, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And that takes commitment.

For two weeks, we committed ourselves to the spiritual topic of “Growing.” We spent time getting serious about our spiritual growth as we approached the season of Lent.

February 17   “The Benefits of the Blessed”   Audio   Text

February 24   “It Starts with Faith, but it doesn’t Stop There”   Audio   Text

March 9   “While There is Still Time”   Audio   Text


Fishin’ with Jesus

We looked at how things change when we go fishin’ with Jesus as Peter, Andrews, James and John did in Luke 5.

February 10   “Fishin’ with Jesus”   Audio


Becoming God’s New for You

It’s a New Year, and often the New Year helps us think about what changes we want to see in our lives, our habits, our hobbies, and our future. The New Year helps us focus on what’s more important than what we have allowed to rule our life in the past.

God has a new you in mind. That’s right. God has a new you in mind, a you that looks more and more like His Son Jesus. And we know how much God loves the Son.

As we began 2019, we focused our message series on this: Becoming God’s New for You.

January 6   “What to Get Rid Of”   Audio   Text

January 27   “What to Take On”   Audio   Text

February 3   “Essentials of Becoming God’s New for You”   Audio   Text